Sound Painting Photographs with Paint and Speakers

Photographer Martin Klimas, whose porcelain figurine photos we shared yesterday, has a series of photographs that look like 3D Jackson Pollock paintings. He spent six months photographing portraits of sound by playing music through a speaker that’s crowned with paint. Klimas dials up the volume and then photographs the paint coming alive from vibrations caused by the sound waves.

In the course of creating 212 final photos, Klimas went through 18.5 gallons of paint and two blown speakers. For a similar concept in video form, check out this commercial made for Canon’s Pixma line of printers.

(via NYTimes via

Image credits: Photographs by Martin Klimas and used with permission

  • Love paints but hates mess..


  • Anonymous

    they look like backdrops for event flyers someone whipped up in illustrator. very cool though!

  • A. Clark Photog&DJ

    Incredibly Fresh

  • kendon

    uhm, giving credit for something every aspiring hobby-photographer does to a single man, not sure about that…

  • Anonymous

     Would you prefer he not attribute anyone to the images he is posting? It is a post on these particular sound painting images, not the whole of the world’s work. Relevant when you point at a specific series of images rather than the phenomena itself.

    And I seriously doubt that every aspiring hobby-photographer does this. That’s a lot of work and wasted money on paints and speakers to be a hobbyist activity. I’ve seen it around for sure, but to this degree and quality? Rarely.

  • Marc Garrido

    A great examples of this technique, I have to give it a try some time!

  • Chad Westover

    He has some great shots. I actually just made a video about making these kind of images:

  • ISO 1200 Magazine

    Here you have a BTSV about this technique. How to be a Sound Painting Photographer: Making Messes by 
    Arizona State University  |

  • Chad Westover

    Hey, that’s the video I just posted. :)

  • kendon

    you could say that this is not exactly his idea. a single statement in the article would’ve been enough.
    and show me a single photographer on earth that doesn’t have a set of speakers at home. all you need besides that is some plastic wrap and some color. hardly much investment measured against the camera gear you already own.
    and look up exageration in a dictionary, i didn’t mean literally every photographer. if you look in a photoforum you’ll see that this technique is quite popular, especially in the winter.

  • Flylily14

    How can I buy someting like this?

  • Chris Lyn

    Even if it has been done before, every photo will be unique.


    very cool effect  . . . . . .

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