Fujifilm Showing Off Leica M-Mount Adapter for the X-Pro1

Fujifilm announced back in January at CES that it was working on an M-mount adapter for the X-Pro1, a camera that looks strikingly similar to Leica’s digital rangefinders. The company is now showing off the adapter at the CP+ trade show in Japan. Leica film aficionados who want to play around with digital in style can now choose between paying $1700 for the X-Pro1 or $6000-$7000 for the Leica M8 or Leica M9.

(via Fujifilm via Leica Rumors)

  • Anonymous

    Even if you’ve manage to skirt the cost of a Leica body, you’re still going to be out a lot of money with Leica lenses.

  • Rrr.

    Rather fork up $2100-2500 for a used M8. At the end of the day, It’s a Leica and not Fuji. Won’t become obsolete in two years.

  • Rosscova

    @21330778c0dac6cbb24a07b8ab4a12e5:disqus Leica M8 “won’t become obsolete”? You’re kidding, right?

    I can only assume that by “not obsolete” you mean “still very capable”. In which case, the same must be said for almost every DSLR released since 2003. It should also be said for most cars built in the last 20yrs, and many much older than that.

    Hell, plenty of people who consider themselves members of the photographic community considered the technology in the M8 bordering on obsolete by the time it was released.

    I’m sure it’s a great camera, don’t get me wrong, but to think it’s still considered relevant to the marketplace in which the X-Pro1 places itself seems a little naive to me.

  • Daschund

    Let’s not forget that the Leica is a full frame camera, while the Fuji is an APS.

  • Rosscova

    M9 yes, M8 no. The M8 has an APS sized CCD sensor.

  • mythbuster

    I am not going to buy any Leica lens. Fuji lenses are not the same, of course, but for sure very good and also could use the excellent Voigtlander lenses for about 500-700 bucks each. And last but not least, where are the zoom lenses for the M9?

  • Johannstuartweber

    zoom lenses for the M9. hopefully never. if you need that buy a SLR, or some other brand

  • Nick

    You’ve never used any of this stuff, have you. Where are the M9 zooms? Rotfl funniest noob comment of the year.

    Another armchair Internet expert….. Sigh

  • Tenis Dimants

    what about the
    Leica Tri-Elmar-M 28-35-50 mm F/4.0 Lens ?? And there is more :D

  • Nick

    Damn! Another myth busted ;-)

  • Caveben

     haha true but if one can afford those lenses, there is probably no need to even consider the x1 for money issue.

    now for those with a park of old M lenses, let’s see what the x1 can offer in such a configuration…

  • mythbuster

     Nick, my first camera was a Leica M2, film rangefinder. My question was a rethoric one: do you know the meaning of it? By the way, did you ever use a Leica rangefinder? (sigh)

  • mythbuster



    let us not forget that the X-Pro1 is not even a real rangefinder. 

  • Nick

    Well I’m glad you explained it was a rhetorical question this time. Your sarcasm was lost on me the last time, and now I guess I don’t need to answer you ;-)

    You missed the Zeiss ZM glass IOC your list – some excellent lenses in their range, and relatively affordable too.

    The Fuji would posibly make a good backup body for an M, if you were working them, and depending on the handling.

  • Nick

    Well I’m glad you explained it was a rhetorical question this time. Your sarcasm was lost on me the last time, and now I guess I don’t need to answer you ;-)

    You missed the Zeiss ZM glass IOC your list – some excellent lenses in their range, and relatively affordable too.

    The Fuji would posibly make a good backup body for an M, if you were working them, and depending on the handling.

  • MDS

    I think become a interesting configuration I have the hobby of photo I have M9 and many lense from 1931 first 50mm interch to noctilux 0.95 ,I not change my Leica for nothing ,is like have the passion of old cars and care of them,listen the engine and admire every detail of perfection.. is. style and a mystic feeling with the origin of photo move to our time (digital) even I prefer film!
    I have also Fuji x100 and is really amazing but still a toy… Leica is something more than commercial stuff like this… for sure I buy a x1 and lenses because I like try and play with cameras and I am afashinated to the continuos development so we see if they really doing a good job ,I hope the focus can be more fast than x100 because if you take practic with Leica even focus can’t be reach f

  • Guest

    The m8 has had its issue, I guess Leica was still learning.. and it will date quicker than the old film Leicas. I think you have a point about the two cameras each having a place itself. But, if you want to shoot Leica lenses I’d choose the M8 as it is a rangefinder and therefore optimised for manual focus (which is all you get with Leica lenses). Manual focus on the fuji involves switching to the evf as far as I understand, which is what made me lose interest in the camera. If you have the cash for M glass, I’m sure you can find the cash for an M8/8.2 too, which is what I’d do and I’ll gladly admit that it is a choice made just as much with the heart as with with the mind. Still, for manual focus I really do consider it the superior choice.

  • Andrew

    Not a rangefinder. Not manual focus. Not full frame. No deal. There isn’t even a 35mm equivalent option for the X-Pro 1 scheduled till 2013! I have an M9-P and an X100, and there is still no competition for the M9.

  • Vee

    These comments are more proof that Leica fan-boys are some of the wankiest people in photography.

  • Dude163

    Just because someone likes something doesn’t elevate them to fanboy status :)

  • mythbuster

     Andrew, your information is not correct. Fuji lenses have manual focus and manual aperture rings, both electronically controled, and so you can focus manually (and also can use the autofocus, of course). If you want mechanical manual focus, also can use a Leica, Voigtlander or Zeiss lens with the adapter. It´s true that the X pro 1 is not a rangefinder, but it has a dual viewfinder system instead, luminous and more precise than Leica´s. By the way, Leica M8 is not  full frame: Do you also think it is a “no deal”? Not for me. Leica M8 is a wonderful camera indeed, but I think Fuji could be even better (and much cheaper) and so I am now waiting for in deep reviews as I am seriously interested in purchasing this camera.

  • mythbuster

     … and if after reading some good reviews, they say manual focus is not well implemented or imaging quality is poor, I´ll just don´t buy it, no problem!

  • Andrew

    Hi Mythbuster. Thanks for not resorting to name calling. :)

    Like I said, I own and use an X100, so I am very familiar with what Fuji means when they say “manual focus.” On the X100 it takes multiple turns of the focus ring in order to *electronically* change the focus by a significant amount, and I’ve read that the X-Pro1 uses the same “focus by wire” implementation. So, at least for me, the manual focus is worthless. Pre-focusing (focusing by judging distance visually then setting the focus on the lens without looking through the viewfinder) is impossible since there are no distance or depth-of-field indicators on the lens. These are only available in the viewfinder.

    I don’t just “want mechanical manual focus” on the X-Pro1 via an adapter. I want my 35mm lens to function as a 35mm on the X-Pro1, which will be impossible since the X-Pro 1 isn’t a full frame sensor.

    Again, I own and and use an X100, so I understand the viewfinder system that the X-Pro1 will use. It’s nice, but because it’s not a real rangefinder, it “locks up” or freezes when the shutter button is pressed while the camera calculates exposure. This is a major problem. On the Leica M9, and Leica’s in general, there is no “lock up” period.

    So, I like the X100, and would probably like the X-Pro1, but it is a complement to, not a replacement of the M9. The M9 still has no real competitor in its class.

    Yes, Leica M8 was no deal for me. I never referred to the M8.

    Do you own an X100?

  • mike

    leica fan boys are not artists, they are closer to antique car collectors or convention goers than anything else imo :P
    case in point: eric kim

  • Dietr Storrer

    Weird that the Leica guys here are so offended that the x-pro is not even a “real” rangefinder.  So the hell what! It is what you end up with that matters…not how you get there.  All I care about is the picture hanging on my wall.

  • Leslie Golding

    I have just bought a 2nd hand 1960’s Leica 50mm lens. It looks and feels amazing. The shopkeeper told me that used with the new Fuji x-pro1, I will get better results than with the M9. Its newer technology, alot smaller and in combination with the best lens in the world, will give me the result I am looking for. The only competition is the lens used with the Sony NEX. He is running me photos with both and sending them over before I buy.

  • federico

    Will the M mount adapter work with A  mode in M lenses for Shooter priority? Will the Canon FD work as well? Best regards and thank you in advance.

  • rye juan

     tri-elmar only has 3 focal lengths. zooms cover every focal length on its range. so technically it’s not a zoom.

  • Terry McSheffrey

    With all due respect, the result you are looking for depends more on your ability to see an image, and not on your camera’s ability to record what you’ve seen.

  • Doug Dadis

    What I’d like to see is side by side examples between the M9, and x-pro1 in regards to the moire effect, since Fuji is touting its new sensor’s abilities minus an AA filter… 

  • WK

     Yep, the m8 was indeed obsolete before it was released. The only thing it had going for it was the logo.