Abstract Photos of Faces That Resemble Exploding Fireworks

Photographer and makeup artist Nadia Wicker has a beautiful series of abstract photographs titled Ursides in which she captures self-portraits in which her face looks like exploding fireworks. While her method is secret, Wicker says that she uses her experience with makeup — rather than Photoshop — to create the photos.

Any idea how the images were created? You can see the rest of the series here.

(via My Modern Met via Flavorwire)

Image credits: Photographs by Nadia Wicker

  • Anonymous

    Metallic makeup and some lightpainting techniques combined?

  • Iheartphotography

    my guess, glittery makeup + long exposure

  • John Milleker

    My guess is strategically placed reflective dots. 

  • Stephen

    Glitter-paint. Well done!

  • Dave

    Very nice.

  • Branden Hughes

    possibly it is just an image of a face and then a separate image of long exposer lights and then masked on to each other. I can see it being done that way also.

  • Renato Murakami

    They are vampires. So long exposure and some UV light. ¬¬

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    Projecting the image of fireworks, or just dot arrays, onto a face that has been painted.

  • Cochese

    It looks like everybody has already said glitter paint, as was what I thought as soon as I read the work “secret.”

    Glitter, makup, and a subtle, dim light source coupled with a long exposure.

  • Kevinhooa

    Just guessing here…. but since she is already talented at using a brush for makeup… I’m going with fiber optics lit with different colored leds attached to a brush (paintbrush maybe?) style handle. The faces (model) could be laid down against a black backdrop so there is as little movement as possible. Makeup could also be used to enhance the colors even more. 

  • outraged by bullshit

    holographic makeup reflecting different light sources with long exposure time of a very quick motin shot with the camera set strange   do similar things all the time

  • Brad Lee Dale North

    UV Makeup, long exposure!