Photographer Captures Photos Showing the Underside of Giant Waves

You’ve likely seen plenty of images of giant waves from above the surface of the water, but have you ever seen what it’s like to pass under a wave? Photographer Mark Tipple has an amazing project called “The Underwater Project” in which he captures epic photographs of swimmers diving deep in order to survive passing waves, which look like ominous storm clouds rolling overhead. In the interview and behind-the-scenes video above, Tipple shares how he was inspired by a powerful photo by Brian Bielmann, and how he goes about shooting his images.

The Underwater Project (via Fstoppers via Gizmodo)

  • Leetta Yarlot

    I’m wondering why he didn’t get out of the water and ask the kids on the beach who they were.  I realize that he didn’t know which would takes would be best, but I would have had someone on the beach with a regular camera to take photos and interview the kids coming out of the water.  He missed his chance. :(

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    There is a surf photographer names Sarah Lee who takes a lot of under wave photos, freaking amazing perspective