A Sneak Peek at Adobe Camera Raw 7

Here’s a cool sneak peek at some of the new features coming to the next version of Adobe Camera Raw. The adjustment brushes will have powerful new options for local adjustments, including temperature, tint, and noise. We also get to see the new dark interface that’ll come by default with Photoshop CS6.

Although the new, rewritten processing engine for ACR7 isn’t available to the public, it’s the same engine found in Lightroom 4, which just became available as a free public beta download a couple weeks ago.

(via 1001 Noisy Cameras)

  • Douglas

    Is it just me or are Photoshop almost ripping off Capture One on this one?

  • Paulsimonking

    You can already change the background in Ps, I use an off white for standard, mid grey for first press of ‘F’ and black for second press of ‘F’ – I switch rapidly between all three when finishing an image to check what it’ll look like under differing presentation conditions – if they have taken away the ability to set your OWN background colour/tone I will be VERY peed off indeed!

  • Paffs

    They won’t