Nikon D4 Finally Becomes Official

After nearly a year of rumors, speculation, and leaks, Nikon has finally announced its new flagship D4 DSLR. The specs were already leaked, but here they are: 16.2MP, ISO that expands to 204,800, 10fps stills (11 if AE and AF locked), 51 AF points, a new full frame sensor, 1080/30p video recording, a 91K pixel meter (up from 1,005 pixels in the D3S), backlit controls, a 3.2-inch LCD with an ambient light sensor, a 0.12s startup time, and dual card slots (CF+XQD). It’ll cost $6,000 when it hits store shelves in late February.

Nikon has also announced a new AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.8G FX-format lens, which will ship starting in March for $500.

  • Almond


  • Stephan Henningsen

    Bah.. I just felt a sting of jealousy when I read it had backlit controls.  I could’ve really have used those on my Canon EOS 5D last week when I was out in near pitch darkness taking photos of a lighthouse.  But then I saw that the Nikon guys screwed it up by only backlighting HALF of the controls.  How silly…

  • Justin Javellana

    As a Canon guy, I’m impressed. Joe McNally has shot it already.

    Are there 1D-X samples/reviews on the interwebs?

  • Ofek

    just 10 fps? the 1d-x has 12

  • Stephan Henningsen

    Maybe the higher resolution leads to lower fps.  (If it really is higher; I don’t know the specs of 1d-x).

  • Charles Saulters

    Its 11fps if the Exposure and Focus are locked likely 12 if shooting in DX mode instead of Full frame FX mode.

  • Guille

    “For most of us, the Nikon D4 is just a minor update to the D3, unless
    one of its features, like video or seeing in the dark at six-digit ISOs
    is a must-have for you. Otherwise, it’s still the same camera as 1996’s Nikon F5:
    there hasn’t been any significant advance in basic ergonomics, shutter
    speeds, flash sync, metering or much of anything else for the past 16
    years. (In fact, the Nikon F5’s shutter goes all the way down to a timed 30 minutes all by itself, which I use and which no DSLR does.)” Ken Rockwell

  • Paul

    No improvements since 1996?  OK….  I will agree as a D3 owner I don’t feel the compulsion to go out and buy one.  I don’t need to shoot 10 fps, or at 256,000 ISO.  Better auto focus nice but I can’t say it was a short coming of the D3.  Video look nice will have to wait and see, but if I am going to spend 5K for video I might look at video cameras.  Oh one feature I like is the new wireless allows user to log into the camera via http if I read correctly that could be useful.

  • Mike T

    I shoot a lot of indoor sports, so the DS3 was huge for me. If I didn’t have the DS3 then I would get the D4. I was hoping for a D800 with similar features to the DS3, just in a smaller form factor, but that’s not happening. My advice is to look for a used DS3 or D700, way better bang for the buck.

  • Tran-Shawn Yu

    the buttons that are backlit are buttons that are easily confused in the dark… they are all round and placed relatively close together (more or less) so its hard to determine what you are pressing. I dont think its necessary to backlight a toggle switch that is easily discernible.

  • Mike Heller

    Some thoughts about the Nikon  D4 versus the competition:

  • Jos

    1dx is supposed to do 12-14fps with 18MP, D4 10-11fps with 16MP.. Nikon looses on this one, and I must say I’m actually a bit surprised..

  • PhotographyDailyNews

    And the D4 sensor is finally tested on DxO benchmark :

    I am a bit disappointed. Was expecting an ISO jump in spite of the additional 4 MP…