Nikon D5100 Gets Unofficial “Star Wars”-Themed Firmware Update

Nikon’s firmware got decrypted last month, and now an unofficial firmware for Nikon DSLRs has emerged. Rather than offer useful adjustments, the firmware is purely for geekiness: it gives Nikon D5100 DSLRs a Star Wars theme.

Here’s a list of new menu items and the text they replaced:

Holocron – Playback menu
Weapon System – Shooting menu
Super Stardestroyer – Custom Setting menu
Hyperdrive – Setup Menu
Go to Dagobah Luke – Format Memory Card
Death Star Codes – Firmware Version
A Jedi? – Update? (new update screen)
(help: StarWars v1.01)
The Cantina – Retouch Menu
My Menu – unchanged
Dark side of force! – Subject is too dark
Light side of force! – Subject is too light

Here’s how to install it: download the file, rename it to .bin, copy it onto an SD card, and then install it via Setup Menu->Firmware Version->Update->Yes. The original Nikon D5100 v1.01 can be restored at any time, but use this firmware at your own risk!

(via Nikon Rumors)

  • Mario Liedtke

    That’s a cool way to improve fun while using the cam!
    Would like to have it for my D90, but with the ability to change some quotes myself. So I would prefer to have the FORMAT function named originally to prevent accidential use.

  • Vexed Films

    well that sure beats Magic Lantern.. HAHAHAHHAHAHA

  • Anonymous


  • Dash Rendar

    Now I’d love to have some useful features, too!

  • Potver7

    Well that’s a good way to spend way too much time in your menu system trying to remember which function is what, and miss lots of nice pics. A camera is a tool, not a toy.

    Hope the guy you sell it to a few years down the line likes Star Wars too, else you have a problem…

  • mojo43

    What’s the source of this?

  • Felipe

    I think you kinda missed the point. Once you have a decrypted firmware you can disassemble, the simplest thing you can do to be sure the decryption/modification/encryption cycle is correct is to simply change text.

    Nobody is supposed to be using this seriously, and if you are using it a few years down from now, nothing will stop you from flashing back your stock firmware.

    Oh, and a camera can be a toy.

  • Abercrombie

    What it does prove is that they were able to decrypt the
    firmware, locate the strings and change them without breaking things,
    and get the camera to accept the modified firmware via the standard
    firmware upgrade procedure.
    Is it silly? Yes. But it does prove that they have the potential to
    implement useful features and deliver those useful features to normal
    And changing strings can be non-trivial when looking at disassembled
    code. For example, if you change the lengths of the stringsā€¦.you need to
    know where something starts in memory and how big it is in order to
    access it properly, and changing string lengths can change the memory
    locations of subsequent items (making a mess).

  • Marcorecuero


  • A Photographer

    Great! Its working!