Dropbox to Add Auto Photo Importing

Apple’s doing it. Adobe’s doing it. Now Dropbox wants in. An upcoming version of the company’s popular cloud storage client will include a new photo importer feature that will automatically backup your photos whenever you connect a memory card, smartphone, or camera to your computer. You can try it out now by downloading the experimental build from this forum thread. Be sure to read the instructions to make sure you have a system that supports the feature.

Experimental Forum Build – 1.3.4 (via Caschy via Ghacks)

  • E

    Dropbox compresses my photos in the cloud. Anyone else running into this?

  • deszedol

    yep, mine to..

  • Dennis Marciniak

    Triple confirmed. Fix or workaround?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve noticed that with the iPhone client you have to go into settings every time to change from 4MP uploads to original size.