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PSA: Dropbox Can’t Automatically Backup Your Photos in iOS 8 Yet


Update: Dropbox has contacted us to let us know that the issue has been fixed!


Dropbox users waiting anxiously for iOS 8 to drop so they can take advantage of all the cool new features like manual controls and a more robust photo experience take note: your automatic backup will be temporarily shut off once you update to the new OS and download the newest version of the Dropbox app.

In a warning posted on its blog, Dropbox says it’s putting auto backup on hold due to a compatibility issue. An update is removing the feature temporarily while Dropbox works with Apple to figure out a fix and the company is urging you not to “delete photos or videos from your devices until you’re sure that your stuff has backed up to Dropbox.”

For up to the minute updates on this issue, follow Dropbox’s support team on Twitter.