‘Star Wars’ Movie Camera Auctioned for a Record-Setting $625,000

The Panavision PSR 35mm movie camera that was used for most of the principal photography in the original 1977 ‘Star Wars’ movie has been sold at auction for $625,000 — the highest price ever paid for a movie camera. While the price is record-setting for both Star Wars memorabilia and film movie cameras, it still pales in comparison to prices seen in the world of still photography — the most expensive camera was auctioned earlier this year for $1.9 million.

(via The Guardian)

  • will hall

    Not sure it’s a fair comparison. How much would the camera used to take the $1.9M photo sell for? and how much would the original film that this movie camera shot go for?

  • Banana

    Apples and oranges.

  • Leftcoastguy

    This camera has quite a pedigree, it not only shot Star Wars but several other big name films. 

  • Pat Sharp

    wish I could afford such awesome memorabilia to be honest!!

  • Blueeyedpop

    I wonder if PV kept such good records…

  • Dahved33

    It shot the princiPAL photography, not princiPLE. :)

  • Eoin McGuigan

    pretty sure they would have, these are pretty precise instruments that need fairly constant upkeep/maintenance, so serial numbers are likely used for tracking pretty much every piece of gear for upkeep records – esp. if it was used in the sandy desert scenes.  i can see the film magazine, lens (would be surprised if this was included) and mattebox as potentially being hard to track though.