Nikon Unveils the New Speedlight SB-910, a $550 Top-of-the-Line Flash Unit

Nikon has announced the new SB-910, a top-of-the-line flash unit to succeed the SB-900. Instead of increased power — the guide number and zoom range haven’t changed — Nikon has chosen to focus on usability. The new flash features a new MENU button and improved LCD user interface that are designed to make operating it a breeze. It also automatically detects spiking temperatures, and slows down the recycle rate to automatically prevent overheating. The price fits the SB-910’s place in the Speedlite lineup: it’ll cost a cool $550 when it starts shipping on December 15 — more than some entry level DSLRs.

(via Nikon via Engadget)

  • Michael Thompson

    So just a few cosmetic changes then? Wow, thats worth thinking about getting. Not. Nothing really wrong with the SB900 to start with.

  • Anonymous


  • Rick Bennett

    Check out Joe McNally’s review:
    He’s the kind of guy this flash is targeted at, and he’ll make use of it in every way;  he thinks Nikon has done a good job.
    $550 for a single flash is a bit rich for my budget.

  • James Cantu

    or the 800 for that matter.  

  • Tran-Shawn Yu

    the only “problem” ive had was overheating and having the unit shut off to protect itself… people have said that its overly sensitive.. hopefully they increase the cooling capacity of the unit so that in addition to slowing  down the recycle rate, it also cools it down faster.

  • Anonymous

    Nice. Glad I waited and hope the changes to solve the over-heating annoyances are worth while.