Adorama Leaks Detailed Canon EOS R1 Specs

Image of a Canon EOS R1 camera body on a dark, smoky background. The text "EOS R1" is overlaid in large, transparent letters, revealing the camera through the letters. The design emphasizes the camera model while keeping the overall image dramatic and minimalist.

Adorama seems to know more about the EOS R1 than Canon revealed last night as it has published more detailed specifications on the upcoming flagship including sensor resolution, continuous shooting capability, AI exposure enhancement, and more.

Update 5/16: Adorama has removed the list as expected. “It turns out that none of the specs for the R1 are real right now. Due to an unfortunate technical error, the Canon EOS R1 page briefly displayed unrelated specifications,” Adorama claims. “We apologize for any confusion and the inconvenience.”

You can read more information here. Original story below.

In a listing for the camera, Adorama provides significantly more information on the R1, which isn’t difficult to do considering the development announcement was very light on details.

For starters, the EOS R1 will have a 30-megapixel, full-frame, stacked, dual-gain sensor with a “purely” electronic rolling shutter which is, supposedly, faster than any mechanical rolling shutter. That allows it to achieve a less than 0.8 microsecond read time and 1/1,250 second flash sync.

As expected, Canon is putting a ton of effort into the autofocus performance, promising high speed and exposure that are both enhanced by AI recognition. The R1 will also have what is described as moving object trajectory prediction and promises “high success rate” smart object lock focus tracking.

Canon will also allow “unlimited” 40 frames-per-second (1:2 CRAW) and 60 frames per second (1:3 CRAW) continuous shooting. It can also achieve “full featured” continuous shooting at 120 frames per second, but likely with a buffer limit. Beyond that, Canon is also promising 240 frames per second burst continuous shooting with a one-second pre-shooting option. There is no mention of RAW there, so that is likely reserved for JPEG only (maybe HEIF if Canon chooses to support it). The R1 will also have a 1:3 “lossy” compressed CRAW (compared to lossless compression).

A Canon EOS R1 camera is shown from the front against a plain white background. The camera has a large lens and a textured grip on the left side, with various buttons and controls visible on its body.

Finally, Canon — at least according to Adorama — is boasting “enhanced dynamic range” that is “better than EOS R3 and EOS R5.” No price was shared.

The listing is very likely to be taken down, but PetaPixel screen captured it for those who wish to see it.


Dealers are often briefed on products well ahead of the media, so it is certainly possible that the specifications above are legitimate. Dealers are, as PetaPixel has been told by multiple industry sources, the number one cause of most rumors as they benefit the most from hyping up products and are in a relatively “safe” position since manufacturers rely on them.

Still, there is every chance that some or all of this information isn’t accurate of the final R1.

More on the R1 will certainly be revealed in the coming weeks and months, but this is probably the level of a “development announcement” most were hoping for; there is a lot here.

Image credits: Canon