Secret Panorama Feature Found in iOS 5

Developer Conrad Kramer was poking around in iOS 5 when he stumbled upon a hidden panorama feature built into the operating system. It allows you to create panoramic photos by simply sweeping your camera across a scene. If you’re familiar with iOS, unlocking the feature involves changing a single line in a preference file (set EnableFirebreak to “YES” in People with jailbroken iPhones and iPods can also download the new Firebreak app in Cydia.

(via @conradev via Wired)

  • Bai

    They are going to unlock this feature in the iPhone 5G and call it innovative, unique, ground breaking and never done before, while Sony for example had been including such a feature in their mirrorless models for years. The best part is people are going to fall for their bullshit and buy the phone like crazy.

  • directorspence

    While it is an interesting feature, I don’t think this is going to merit people buying the phone like crazy.

  • Panorama fanboy

    How do I access the file “” ?

  • K Weng

    Does this require a jailbroken iphone ?

  • Ramin

    no, by iExplorer you are able to access nonjailbreaked iPhones.

  • kprager

    How do you access system files with iExplorer? ┬áIt’s not obvious to me…

  • Rafid76

    would someone give step by step instructions on how to do this?

  • Guest