Canon Unveils the EOS C300, Jumps Into the Hollywood Digital Filmmaking Scene

Canon’s historic announcement is here, and as most people predicted, it’s geared towards filmmaking rather than photography. The company just unveiled its new C300 cinema camera in an effort to break into a Hollywood digital filmmaking scene that’s dominated by the Arri Alexa and the RED EPIC. While it’s not particularly powerful in any specific category, the new camera comes in EOS or PL lens mounts, shoots 1080p video with a 4K sensor, has dual CF card slots, and offers high quality footage in a relatively small form factor.

In addition to a new lineup of lenses, the EOS version of the camera will be compatible with existing EF lens collections:

The camera will be available starting in January 2012 for around $16,000.

(via Engadget)

Image credits: Photographs by Engadget

  • electroginge

    it’s an ugly little bugger!

  • Dana Weise

    That is probably the ugliest body I’ve ever seen. But! If it gets the job done, it gets it done!

  • NickC

    Me Gusta. I’m assuming the new lenses are compatible with the EF Mount.
    Does anyone think that the new body looks like a Medium Format Camera?

  • Paul Bryant

    Really disappointed. The price puts it in Sony F3 territory, but the specs look more like a 7D.

  • Anonymous

    I guess I’m alone in quite liking how it looks!

  • MisterO

    Guys, is the look that important ?
    Let’s wait and see some footage…

  • Anonymous

    “shoots 1080p with 4K sensor” – wha? why not just allow it to shoot at 4K?