Canon Commercial for Thailand is a “Love Story” with a Dash of Creepy

Here’s a “2 minute love story” Canon commercial that aired in Thailand. In other parts of the world, this would probably be categorized as a “thriller” rather than a “romance”. The comments for the video on YouTube are dominated with the words “creepy” and “stalker”.

(via Pixiq)

  • Contact

    At least it’s an art gallery for her and not some creepy shrine.

  • Anonymous

    Ditto above. This is pretty hilarious, I get the creepy slant tho. Definitely not a US-audience commercial.

  • Ghost

    So acting like that is considered romantic in Thailand?…  Booking vacation now…

  • Dave

    I was waiting to see her performing brain surgery on co joined twins while working as a volunteer firefighter on her way to the soup kitchen after ballet practice for the Broadway play she was in.

  • Anonymous

    This one looks like a compressed Bollywood movie :-)

  • Through Painted Eyes


  • Josh Ladella

    lol I was thinking the exact same thing.

  • Vee

    They cut out the last bit, where she says: ‘I ladyboy, you like?’

  • Skinner Photographs


  • Mark
  • Howard Roark

    By the time the camcorder came out, the creepiness was in full effect. I was anticipating the invitation to be for a “We can be together forever once I devour your soul” party. But no, just a room full of stalkertastic images. “I did this for you, it was all for you… my cat said you could never love me, but he’s wrong, wrong I tell you…”

  • Rick Bennett

    In the US that would be grounds for a restraining order.

  • Markotech

    Ha Ha Haaaaaaaaaaa!