Canon to Combine 1D and 1Ds DSLRs into One Flagship Line

Canon is set to announce a new EOS DSLR next Tuesday, and Canon Rumors is reporting that the camera will mark the merging of the company’s flagship 1D and 1Ds lines. It makes sense too, since the camera packs the best of both worlds: it has an 18MP full frame sensor, yet also shoots at a whopping 12fps with 61 AF points. Pros will no longer have to choose between crop factor and speed.

(via Canon Rumors)

  • Alex Denova

    That sucks if it is true. The best part about the 1Ds MK III was the FF and 20+mb sensor.

  • Blue_KAISER99

    this IS FF.

  • Anonymous

    Why do you need 20+Mpix? You will get better iso performance with larger micro lenses so you get the best of both worlds. 

  • James Beltz

    My thoughts. For what it’s worth…

  • Anonymous

    some people like to make large prints.

    check out an art gallery or museum sometime.

    30″x40″ is not unusual.

    24mp = 12.48″x18.72″ @ 300 dpi

  • Anonymous

    And if you are unable to upscale the size in PS i feel sorry for you.
    I’ve printed and sold 44″x88″ from an 8.2 Mpixel original and there was absolutely no lack of detail. 
    People stare to closely at statistics and metrics and have to little real world experience

  • James Beltz

    Yeah but that is not really accurate. I have a 30X40 with great edging and sharpness shot by by old 10mp Rebel from several years back. You can usually print much larger than what you show above because detail can be retained for print purposes at 72 dpi quite easily.

  • James Beltz

    And yes i know 300 dpi is a requirement for things like stock agencies and such. So I can see your point there. But it is not really required for great and accurate detailed prints at large sizes. Not arguing.

  • Anonymous

    You’re right.  I worked on a few of Andreas Gursky’s murals.

    He shoots a lot of them with an old Powershot. While we were in the studio he would just keep yelling, “Enhance!” Eventually we would make it up to 80″x100″ or so. Amazing what a little stair interpolation can do! I’m surprised Phase even bothers to exist.

  • Anonymous

    Some people think a Toyota Corolla is great too.

  • Anonymous

    What I said is accurate.  I don’t have an issue with printing at low resolution, I’d just like more personally.  (And I’m willing to pay for it.)

    What one deems acceptable print resolution would be an opinion.

  • Le Hoang Nguyen

    in my opinion, 1D mrk 5 gonna be a new lord in FF at sport and wildlife and a good 1.4x extend is a must have stuff. 

    – and I believe that Canon will continued work on they pricey crazy high megapixel 1Ds mrk 4 with crazy dynamic range and iso performance.  

  • Through Painted Eyes

    I hear the team at CSI have the enhance feature down pat –

  • Anonymous

    It’s been quite a wait for a 1Ds Mark IV and if this is what it’s gonna be then it’s frankly disappointing.

  • Jason Heilig

    If the autofocus doesn’t step up and the noise levels aren’t on a level to compete with Nikon, I’m still likely to end up switching.

    I’m tired of missed shots because of crap AF on the 5DmkII and I’m at a point where I’m ready to upgrade.

  • Anonymous

    Arguing that you need more megapixels for a given use would just mean that the 1D line is no longer the camera for you.

    You can hang on to what you have already or step up to a medium format camera, a technical camera with a digital back or a digital scanning back.

    I do agree that if Canon doesn’t compete with Nikon in terms of ISO and AF they will fall too far behind eventually but in the megapixel race both companies lost a long time ago to MF.

  • Dylan

    You normally look at larger prints from a further distance… so you dont need 300dpi in the first place.

  • Anonymous

    iphone 4 screen = 326 ppi

    current desktop monitor = 30″

    30″ monitor is roughly 16″x25″

    16×326= 5216
    25×326= 8150

    so about 42 Megapixels.


    you don’t need HD tv, but you like it.

    the current high standard for feature film scanning is 8k.  8k = 33 Megapixels

    eventually, you may have an 8k tv in your home.  you won’t need one, but you may want one.

  • Verseme

    5D MkIII will be the mpx monster in the product line of canon. Like the new nikon d800 around 30+ mpx. Nowdays most needed mpx photographers (slr ones) use the 5d mkII in their shootings.

  • Nathan Caulford

    I heard rumors of this merger before the release of the 5d MkII. It’s about FRICKIN’ time they merged the two, and simply put a full-frame with high frame rate.

  • Richard

    The 1D has a totally different AF system than a 5D. You’re not making a fair comparison. Series 1 Canon’s have had excellent AF for many years and many iterations of both bodies.

    I have a 5D and skipped the 5D II because I wanted a better AF system, was considering a 1D 4 but didn’t want the crop and didn’t want a 1Ds. I’m hoping this is true and this new camera will have the best of both series 1 worlds.

  • Anonymous

    The D700 AF performance is great. it can AF at lower light level than 5DMii (-1 EV vs -0.5 EV). the D800 should perform the same if not better in terms of AF, where as I haven’t read anything about any improvements in the 5DMiii in terms of its AF, except the number of focus points (to 19). the number of focus points don’t matter much if the camera isn’t able to focus accurately in all conditions.

    as for the D4, it can AF at -2EV, and with a lens setup of f/8. this means you can AF with a f/4 super telephoto with a 2x teleconverter. with the 1dx, you will need to manual focus anything smaller than f/5.6.