How to Carve a Canon 1D Out of Wood

Back in 2003, Canon published a tutorial on how to carve a Canon 1D mockup out of balsa wood. The tutorial has since been taken down, but thanks to Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, much of the tutorial has been preserved. If for whatever reason you suddenly feel the urge to carve a fake camera, Canon’s step-by-step guide is a great place to start.

How to Make a Balsa Wood Canon DSLR Mockup [DO IT]

  • Serge Khm

    Its unfortunate that it hasn’t been saved… very little is left :(

  • Mike Senese

    Hey thanks for posting this link to my site! 

    Yes, unfortunately some of the information was lost–I scoured the internet long and hard to find as much of the missing pieces as possible. But with the tips I salvaged and some ingenuity, this should be easy to replicate by most crafty people.