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How to Turn Any DSLR into a Mirrorless Camera


Can’t wait for Nikon and Canon to launch their new mirrorless cameras and want to fork over money for the ones already on the market? Photographer Eric Rossi made this 4-minute video that shows how you can convert your existing DSLR camera into a mirrorless camera.

“I show you how to DIY and hack it yourself,” Rossi writes. “Be VERY careful of how you approach doing this. You may cause some damage, so please follow my tutorial step by step.”

Rossi’s technique involves surgically removing the mirror with pliers.

“You can still go around using your Nikon Canon camera effectively but getting all the pro results of being a mirrorless camera,” Rossi says.

Warning: Don’t do this. If somehow you didn’t catch on, Rossi’s video is tongue-in-cheek and doing this on a working camera will result in a brick on your hands rather than an actual mirrorless camera.