Add Panning to Time-lapse Shots Using a Cheap IKEA Kitchen Timer

Want to add some simple panning action to a time-lapse video? Trying using a cheap IKEA kitchen timer. GetawayMoments has a tutorial on how to convert a $2-$6 timer from IKEA into a simple device for your time-lapse projects.

Here’s an example of what the timer can do:

Head on over to the tutorial to learn how to make your own!

How to Make a Cheap and Easy Ikea Time Lapse Panning Unit (via IKEA Hackers)

Thanks for the tip, Ian!

  • vps photography

    neat idea. love when cheap normal stuff is used for creating great things

  • jim

    This is excellent. I am just taking the first steps in timelapse photography, and this tip is first class. Thanks

  • Fearium

    To bad a DSLR is to heavy for this, tested it myself :/