Color Turned Down a $200 Million Offer from Google Before Failing Alone

Here’s another nail in the fail coffin for the much-hyped but not-very-popular photo-sharing app Color: TechCrunch reports that Color received a staggering $200 million acquisition offer before it had even launched, but the company turned it down and raised $41 million in venture funding instead. Things haven’t been going so hot for Color since then, while Google saved itself $200 million and has a couple photo-sharing apps in development that are generating some buzz.

Image credit: Money Hand Holding Bankroll Girls February 08, 20117 by stevendepolo

  • Christopher 


  • lloyd

    GOOD hipster losers

  • Michael

    Moral of story, if someone offers you $200m take it and run!  Numpties!

  • John Glynn

    What a disaster in hindsight. But also demonstrates serious commitment to the power of their idea, even if it ultimately worked out badly for whatever reason. So kudos!

  • Flgraphics