Fake Canon 5D Mark III Commercial

A student in Germany created this fake Canon 5D Mark III commercial for a school project, and fooled quite a few people online.

(via Foto Actualidad)

  • Steve

    That’s BRILLIANT!  ;)

  • Catem16

    oh…we here in germany cannot see this clip …. Sony & GEMA Music rights problem..

  • Julian

    anybody able to download it and upload it elsewhere ? (myvideo/clipfish etc.)

  • DoPanic

    made me lol, a video from a german student isn’t playable in germany

  • Swerwrwerwerwerdfdsf

    Convincing! But the cuts are way too quick and his detail shots were not anything special…nice job tho

  • Julian
  • HappyTinfoil Cat

    Just a series of quick flashes of text or phake camera with blackness inbetween. I bestow a B- on this project. Could have been a contender.

  • Graham Case

    Other than the videography, the clear tip off is that there’s no “lock” button on the mode dial, which I think is now standard for Canon pro cameras?

  • Daniel Fisher

    Cool. Very nice work.

  • Jyve

    Er…. people were fooled by that? Have you ever seen an advertisment by a major brand that looks like that?

  • unsilent majority

    annoying that people were actually fooled by this

  • Netbeui

    Versuch’s mal über

  • Sam Wallace

    Well done!

  • Rwmk10

    stupid in-between-frames interruptions..

  • Rwmk10

    stupid in-between-frames interruptions..