Expired Polaroid 600 Film from eBay

Needed a Polaroid picture for a project I’m working on, so I purchased a Polaroid One Step camera for $15 off a guy on Craigslist and a pack of Polaroid 600 film that expired back in 2003 for $26 with shipping from eBay. I was a bit concerned that the film wouldn’t work anymore, but found that the battery in the film pack still had some juice and that the film still developed, though the upper corners of the image are messed up.

Expired 600 film is selling for up to $50 to $60 a pack (10 photos) on eBay these days, even though new Impossible film for 600 cameras costs $24. You can also buy unexpired performance-guaranteed 600 film for about $5 a shot in bulk. Seems like a lot of Polaroid lovers are still snatching up Polaroid film while they still can.

  • K Fernandez7

    Where can you get the performance guaranteed film in bulk?

  • Jon Miller

    I just saw this. I sold a pack of 600 film on eBay that expired almost a decade before around the same time as this was published. How funny. I wonder if you got the pack I found at the camera store where I worked. It was in an office drawer. Hadn’t been on inventory in many years so the manager said I could have it. I wondered if it had worked. I’m going to go ahead and believe this was the pack I sold. :) 

  • SebaRayne

    Where would you be able to buy 600 film in bulk??