Camera Lens Cap Holder Lets You Snap Lens Caps onto Straps

We’ve seen quite a few solutions for storing lens caps when they’re not in use, ranging from velcro attachments to small lens cap pouches. The Camera Lens Cap Holder is a new patent-pending holder by mechanical engineer Mark Stevenson that lets you attach your lens caps to your strap in the way they’re designed to be attached — they simply snap onto it in the same way they snap onto lenses. Stevenson is currently funding the project through Kickstarter, and a $15 contribution will pre-order you one of these holders.

Camera Lens Cap Holder [Kickstarter]

  • Tyler

    “Each cap holder can hold three or four different lens cap sizes.  One
    side holds two sizes, the opposite side holds up to two other sizes.
     When threaded onto a neck strap, only one size may be used at a time.”

    That’s not a bad little feature. Though if I am going from a lens with a 52mm thread to a 77mm thread it might prove a bit combersome to flip the strap over, though part of the strap will be covering the area where the lens cap will go.

  • Simon Hucko

    I just stick mine in my back pocket. hasn’t let me down yet…

  • Tatyana Skymyrka

    I use hufa holders (  They’re really neat, and you’re not just limited to straps.  I have it clipped on the inside of my bag, so the cap never wonders and i don’t look like i’m wearing a nikon badge (:

  • cyclone

    Solution to a problem that doesn’t exist, sorry.

  • Photomarchessault

    It looks pretty cool and despite some comments if does meet a need. I used to take a piece of Velcro and glue one side to the strap and the other side to the cap. Not elegant but it worked.

  • Candiedbacon

    I have to agree with some of the other commenters. I nice solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. I buy “lens leashes” from eBay for $1.

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  • Cameraman

    If you buy a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist, wouldn’t that make you a bit of a sucker? Obviously this problem does exist. Otherwise you wouldn’t buy the strap! I’ve probably tried a dozen different ways to keep from losing my caps. This one is the only one that I’ve seen that looks like it is hassle free, straightforward, and no-nonsense (unlike your strap … just another piece of swinging debris that flops out in front of the lens or the sensor and gums up an otherwise good shot!).

  • LensCapTrap

    Velcro-type stuff is another really good solution to hanging on to lens caps.  If you don’t want to cut your own, LensCapTrap ( has kits of die-cut parts ready to go.  You don’t even have to un-thread your camera strap to put the holder on your strap.

    Full disclosure….I make the LensCapTrap so you’ve got to take that into account…  :-)

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  • Shaun Conklin

    hmmmmm or you could just not use lens caps like me.