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HACKxTACK: A Magnetic Lens Cap Holder that Ensures You Never Lose Yours Again


If there’s one thing I lose more than anything else while shooting, it’s lens caps. I’ve never permanently lost one (knock on wood), but I’ve certainly misplaced them for days at a time. And I have a feeling I’m not the only one who’s guilty of this.

Here to help us through our absentmindedness is a new Kickstarter for a product called HACKxTACK.

What is HACKxTACK? It’s a magnetic lens holder that uses a unique clip-on attachment and an attachment you place on your lens cap. Using those two things, it allows you to quickly snap your lens cap onto wherever you place the clip so you’re not fumbling around trying to put it into your pocket or bag.


Below are some of the product details, as laid out on its Kickstarter campaign page:

On the outside, HACKxTACK is a combination of ethically sourced wood and stainless steel, each part CNC precision machined and hand finished. But on the inside is where it gets really interesting. Three powerful, but device-friendly magnets are implanted right inside the clip. So when you add a HACKxTACK tab to your lens cap, there’s no fussing with bags, straps or pockets: you simply pull it off your camera and snap it onto HACKxTACK.


Hoping to complete the remaining $20,000 CAD of their $25,000 CAD goal, the HACKxTACK team is looking to start their first production run in May so that they can ship out the first batch to funders in mid-July.

A unique and useful product, you can pick one of these up for yourself for $24, with increasing pledges increasing the number of HACKxTACKs you receive. Head on over to the Kickstarter page to find out more or if you’d like to help crowd fund this into a reality.

(via Kickstarter)