Hasselblad H4D-200MS Shoots 200MP Photos with a 50MP Sensor

Sigma’s upcoming SD1 uses a special Foveon sensor that captures red, green, and blue information at each pixel by stacking three separate 15MP sensors, giving the resulting images 46 million pieces of information. Hasselblad’s new H4D-200MS medium format DSLR also captures each of the three colors at every pixel, but with a different method — it shoots 6 separate photos with its 50MP sensor, but shifts the sensor by 1.5 pixels for each shot, giving the resulting photos 200MP of resolution.

Capturing the six shots takes about 30 seconds, meaning it’s only useful for non-moving subjects. The resulting files are upwards of 600MB in size, so the company recommends attaching a hard drive to the camera rather using a CF card.

If you’re interested, you can buy a H4D-200MS for a cool $45,000.

H4D-200MS (via CrunchGear)

  • Jack Kennedy

    Unless you’re doing tabletop photography, a lot of things will probably move in your shot, so really, this feature is only useful for tabletop photography, with very still objects? Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • M. Federico

    Whatever you would have shot with a long exposure?

  • Jack Kennedy

    But things within the long exposure would be moving, so wouldn’t you have a slightly odd image? I wouldn’t know, as I don’t use the camera, never have done.

  • M. Federico

    Well it depends on the shot I guess…

  • Josh Ladella

    Considering this is what medium format digital is usually used for anyway, its a wise decision to market such a feature.

  • Anonymous

    I understand a lot of product photography is done on on tripods using medium format cameras, so this really isn’t so bad.  That really puts demands on the lens though.  If the lens isn’t sharp to well below a pixel photo site, then you don’t gain that much.

  • Pedro Rojas Jorquera

    well, you can also freeze movement with flash lighting, i think that using a really dark studio would do it.

  • Anonymous

    Flash won’t work easily because this camera takes up to 6 separate exposures.

  • Daschund

    Yes, that would be only feasible with product/still life photography. Phase One used to have backs that did that some 10 years ago, but they ended up being discontinued, I guess because there were enough mega pixels on the 1-shot digital backs already. I assume that the Hassel one will have the same fate.

  • Daschund

    It’s not like a long exposure picture. It actually takes 6 shots, so you can use flashes.

  • Anonymous

     That’s what I meant, so 6 shots if you will.  The inherent problem is that you have to treat it like a long exposure, everything has to be in the same place for each of the shots to line up properly and make a good 200MP image.

  • Jorge Fuentes

    cant wait to see a video on youtube of a guy holding his H4D-200MS shooting a picture on the street (to top it off with the lens cap on) ;)

  • Fishrule

    This model might actual prove to be quite popular with museums for photo archive purposes. Many use an older Leica I believe, but its been out of production for years now.

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  • Michael L Dangelo

    strobe flash

  • diamondmask

    Unless you’re making hundreds of thousands of dollars with photography, why would you buy this camera? “$45,000″? Really? What bowl of fruit is worth that kind of money? Good Lord. It’s one thing to have the best camera around, but to be stupid enough to spend that kind of money?