Photojournalist is America’s Fourth Most Stressful Job

CNBC just their list of America’s 10 most stressful jobs for 2011, and “photojournalist” comes in at #4.

Much like newscasters, photojournalists are expected to be on the front lines, with a job description that requires them to enter some of the most dangerous, remote or volatile places on earth. Many are on call 24 hours a day. And when news breaks, the photojournalists may have to mobilize with extremely short notice and stay on assignment for extended periods of time.

They also report that the average salary of a photojournalist in the US is $43,270.

America’s Most Stressful Jobs 2011 (via Discarted)

Image credit: Kwon Chol by Jim O’Connell

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    Between this and the Times cover, I’m feeling pretty confident in my choice to give up pursuing photography as a career in favor of being a technologist. No way I could’ve afforded my D3s with a photojournalist salary!

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  • bri

    that is a very sad salary for such a demanding and potentially dangerous job

  • bri

    that is a very sad salary for such a demanding and potentially dangerous job

  • bob cooley

    Seriously? As a photojournalist of over 15 yrs, I would never compare the stress even on the worst days to to that of say a Triage Nurse, Neurosurgeon, Narcotics or Vice oFficer (or any cop), Soldier, humanitarian worker, or many other professions. Photographers in war-zones, perhaps; but the day-to-day life of a phojo is more consumed with shooting check-passing photos (grip and grins), sporting events, festivals, finding features (enterprise images) and the like. Only a very small minority of shooters end up in dangerous situations (unless you consider fighting with the editors a hazard zone) ;) – The majority of jobs on that list are media heavy (from a media outlet), and are honestly kind of ridiculous.