Nikon May Use Fan to Cool Down Its Mirrorless Cameras

If computers can have fans, why can’t cameras? With recent Sony cameras running into unexpected limits due to the sensor overheating, Nikon may be looking to solve the problem with a good, old-fashioned fan. A recent patent filing by Nikon shows a mirrorless camera with a computer-style fan embedded into the circuit board.

Nikon is rumored to have a mirrorless camera waiting to be announced in April. Lets see if it packs a fan.

Image credit: Cool Fan by Alesa Dam

  • White Hot Phoenix

    What about dust and water?

  • Zak Henry

    I would think a big hunk of copper that has parts externally exposed would do the trick. And be less likely to break down

  • Wing Wong

    Yeah… fan = vibration. From the patent diagram, it looks like the fan will draw outside air and have it flow through the sensor chamber… so… best case, dust collects there and exists out the body. Worst case, the dust gets blown into your lens. Nice.

    OMG. Isolate the dust sensitive areas with a seal and exchange heat with heat pipes and exchangers. Then you can blow to your heart’s content in a outside-to-outside airflow region… like say… your vertical grip. That way, the fan can be on a vibration isolating rig in the grip to generate vibration reduced airflow.

    The design as listed is a guarantee of early life failure due to dust collection and potential premature sensor death due to heat not being drawn away from what looks like a peltier mounted on the sensor.


    why everyone think themselves smarter than Nikon who has a whole engineering team to work on a single problem?

  • Gabriel Serna

    I really don’t think a cmos sensor has a a higher heat output than a ARM or Atom processor so an extra layer of copper in the PCB would help dissipate the heat or else use a heatpipe to move the heat away from the sensor would be fine. besides why can a sensor in a video camera operate for hours without heating up and one in a dslr cannot? I bet we would see a aluminium body and some better pcb design before we would get a moving fan inside a camera so this has to be a mistransalted patent or just one of those filings that you make to troll with IMHO

  • Zing

    please consider all the modern professional HD cameras have build in fans, the red, the sony f35,23,900’s. these are heavily used cameras, fans equal longer recording times as sensors get hot. fans are a necessary component in most commercial/professional HD cameras

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