Watch Long Exposure Shots Develop Before Your Eyes with Magic Shutter

Cameras usually hide what it’s shooting from you when the sensor is capturing light, so you can’t watch slow shutter speed photographs as they’re being shot. Magic Shutter is an app for the iPhone that shoots these long exposure using the camera’s video feed, which allows you to see the photograph as its being “developed” on the screen.

Due to limitations Apple places on video resolution, this app currently only spits out low res images (though an update with 1MP photos is coming soon). If you want to play with it you can find it for $3 in the iTunes store.

Magic Shutter (via Wired)

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  • Emanuele Meazzo

    It would be a nice feature on dslrs or at least compacts…

  • Zak Henry

    1:25 “Your photo has been shared to THE facebook”. I don’t know anyone who calls it The Facebook, unless in jest.

    I would love this feature on my camera, though I’m sure there is a good reason why they don’t. Sensor-Processor-Screen bandwidth is my guess, but I’m not sure because live view works…

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  • Michael

    I thought this was going to be another pointless iphone app, but it actually seems like rather a good idea. Wish i had it on my dslr.

  • Guilherme E. Camins

    Nice app. Hope it comes to Android. Bach’s cello suite fits the video so nicely =)

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