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Moment’s Pro Camera App Gives Your Phone a ‘DSLR Shooting Experience’


Moment has just launched a major revamp to its smartphone camera app. Paired with the company’s cases and high-end lenses, the app aims to bring a “DSLR shooting experience” to your phone.

The new app is a “ground-up redesign” that adds more shooting options, full manual controls, and major stability improvements.

The manual controls put important adjustments within your thumb’s reach — things like exposure, ISO, shutter speed, focus, white balance, and image format are controlled with sliders that can be quickly reset by double-tapping. Double-tapping the screen separates focus and exposure for properly shooting in tricky environments.

For users on an iOS device, Pro Camera uses Apple’s 3D Touch technology that turns the in-app shutter button in two a dual-stage shutter. Half-pressing the shutter locks focus and exposure and a full press triggers an exposure (or begins video recording).

This “3D Shutter” feature is “amazing when capturing moving scenes, moving subjects, or shooting quick videos,” Moment says.

In addition to shooting RAW, Pro Camera can also capture HEIF, HEVC, TIFF, and JPEG.

If you’re using a Dual Camera iPhone with add-on lenses, the app lets you manually select which of the two cameras you’d like to shoot through.

Other features of the app include precise video control (change resolution and frame rate on screen), Live Histogram, DSLR-style metadata, and auto video stabilization.

Finally, the Moment Pro App is the only available app on the market that’s specifically designed to work perfectly with Moment’s cases, which provide an external DSLR-style shutter button.

You can download Moment Pro Camera through the iTunes App Store and the Google Play store. While the app is free to download and try, it costs $3 on iOS and $2 on Android to upgrade to the full set of Pro features.