Use a Rubber Band to Pan More Smoothly

Here’s a quick tip by Vimeo user Braxton McCarthy: use rubber bands when panning and tilting on a tripod to make the movement smoother.

(via Photoxels)

  • Michael Jones

    excellent tip…i’ve been dreaming up something similar to this with a string for using a glidetrack shooter…for smooth tracking

  • seegullmedia

    Neither new nor relevant. I’ve been doing this for YEARS.

  • Sarcastic

    YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS….LIKE BEFORE YOU WERE BORN. Thanks for the post. There’s going to be a lot of people who really appreciate it, things like this help people get into photography and the like.

  • Lauryn McMichaels

    Transparent troll sits in a sill, let’s all the light in.

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