Pentax K-5 Head and Shoulders Above Other APS-C Sensors just published their review of the Pentax K-5 sensor, finding that it was superior to every other APS-C sensor they’ve tested:

No need for suspense: this new 16.3 MP sensor is simply the best APS-C we have tested so far, sometimes able to compete even with very high-end full-frame cameras.

The overall score of the K5 puts it in the lead with 82 points — more than 9 points better than the D90 or the Alpha 55, and 16 points ahead of the Canon 7D or 60D. The K5 is literally the best APS-C performer for each segment, even in low ISO.

(via The Online Photographer)

  • Ranger9

    Well, that’ll hold up until Sony puts the same sensor in their own camera body…

  • Me

    They already have – it’s in the Alpha 55, mentioned in the article. The K-5 scored significantly better.

  • Jeff Morin

    Pentax knows what it takes to design and build excellent camera’s for REAL photographers. Pentax may not be the biggest or most popular brand but they have proven once again that they know how to be the best!

  • Campbell Simpson

    Will be interesting to see the DXO test for the D7000.

  • John Flores

    Some real-world examples of the K-5’s dynamic range here:

    While your visiting, join the Pentax K-5 Fan Club on Flickr!

  • Xms

    It will be interesting to see how the D7000 fairs, since it will have the same sensor.. however unlike Pentax the D7000 can’t outperform it’s higher priced siblings (currently D300s but more like the future D400), so Nikon might cripple it in a few areas such as max shutter speed and ISO.

  • Laszlo Pollo

    DXOMark Pentax K-5 vs Nikon D7000 vs Canon 7D

  • Eddie Smith

    I’ve been waiting for this camera for a while now. It will be my next DSLR test results bear out my expectations. Perhaps now pentax can get some respect from the canikon club. Lack of a FF camera is their one big stumbling block supposedly though( of course they do have a killer medium format in the 645 something canikon/sony/panasonic/olympus don’t have)

  • Billmcsheezewizz

    The internet really does need a special font for sarcasm.

  • Dane

    Yes, good results from DxO but I am still looking to see some real results… DxO is just a lab test of how the sensor outputs reacts to different inputs. It does not really say anything about how a camera works.

    The tests are biased towards certain sets of engineering, otherwise everyone should have been out buying Sony equipment by now and ditching their poor performing Canon gear.

  • Ol_tex

    I just bought the K-5 after reading the DXO report.  Thanks for your article!