Wide Angle Pinhole Cap for Micro Four Thirds Bodies

The Pinwide is a new pinhole cap by Wanderlust Cameras that takes advantage of the mirrorless nature of Micro Four Thirds cameras by recessing the cap into the body of the camera, achieving a wide field of view and strong natural vignetting. The “lens” is the equivalent of a 22mm on a 35mm camera, and boasts a perfectly round pinhole “made with the same precision etching technology used to manufacture semicoductors” to ensure sharpness.

Here are some sample photographs taken with the Pinwide:

It’s currently available for preorder for $40 direct from Wanderlust.

(via Photo Rumors)

  • Anonymous

    It’s interesting. I’m wary though, they’re taking pre-orders when this is their first product and the product photos are renders.

  • Scott Speck

    I got my PinWide yesterday in the mail, and its quality of construction and general appearance look great! I’m an avid film pinhole photographer (mostly on 4×5 film), and I was very dissatisfied with digital pinhole caps on my dslr (due to the narrow field) — I love wide angle pinhole. Here’s the problem — I can’t even try out the new device — I don’t have a micro four thirds camera!!! Anyway, the look and feel of it is great, and now I just have to make a good choice on a camera body. :) -Scott (