A Brief History of Nikon Cameras in Space

Nikon created this short video to introduce the various Nikon cameras that have been used during space exploration. The music is pretty cheesy, but it’s pretty interesting if you’re into this kinda thing.

Nikon Cameras: Chosen for Outer Space (via Nikon Rumors)

  • Chung Dha Lam

    Wait a minute didnt NASA use Hasselblads? Also have to say I rather rely on durability of Canon there was an occasion where a camera fell out of a plane and still survived.

  • FCK

    Oh my god that is the worst video I have ever seen. It looked like a bad video from a kids school project.

  • 3dom

    this is like powerpoint in motion. terrible choice of music
    the whole thing makes the cameras look cheap instead
    of classy.

  • Josh Ladella

    Wait, was this made by Nikon or Apple?

  • cgliberio

    cheesy is almost an understatement lol

  • Photosophy

    I can’t quite figure what audience was this made for?
    They already have the NASA contract so they don’t need a “promo” (that wastes over 1 minute out of the four on opening titles alone), and the only other people who’d want to see a vid about Nikon’s space history/equipment, would want to see a documentary clip.

  • Matt

    Why would you give a little kid a fancy DSLR??? Just so he could get play doh and peanut butter all over it?

  • Tsmartphoto

    The last photo of the spacestation was computer generated, did anyone eles notice that?

  • Moonart29

    hey…it was a good video…not bad…i’l b using it in my seminar..thanks

  • Jessmick

    NASA did use Hasselblads,..and Leicas,…and Nikons,..Hmmm.  I think this is spliting hairs but missing the point.  As far as durability of Canon?..we’ve had 3 of them die,(E18), in about 6months apiece.  Been using Nikons for 3 years now.  One in particular has been dropped onto concrete from 15-20 feet at least 3 times during inspection procedures.  Still works like new.  Still have 2 of the 1980’s 35mm Action Touch waterproof cameras….No Problems with them either.  When we go to purchase work cameras anymore, we rarely even consider any other brand.  Nikon made there reputation a long time ago during the Korean war.  Army replaced Leicas with Nikon.  Navy eventually replaced their Besseler Topcons with Nikons too.  That’s not to say Canon didn’t/doesn’t make good cameras.  I used F1’s and FTb’s during the 70’s and 80’s.  Solid workhorses,..but not on par with the Nikon F’s or Nikkormat FT2’s.  I think Canon may have gotten too caught up in the “consumer market”. here in the past deecade or so though.