Olympus Ditching DSLRs in Favor of EVIL Cameras

Olympus is ditching the entry-level DSLR in favor of its Micro Four Thirds mount PEN line of EVIL cameras. In an interview with Fotopolis, Toshiyuki Terada — the Product Manager of Olympus’ SLR Planning Department — is quoted as saying,

We do not have concrete plans to replace the E-620 and other recent SLRs. The entry level SLR class can be completely replaced by the Pen system in terms of performance.

Later in the interview, Terada seems to say that leaving the DSLR market entirely is one of the company’s goals. When asked if there will come a time when there are no longer Olympus SLR cameras, he responded,

In the future – yes. This is one of our goals but we do not know when this will happen. Until then, we will support the SLR segment because the E-3 users are Olympus’s foundations.

Not very reassuring if you’ve invested a lot in an Olympus DSLR system, eh?

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  • freeboprich

    Not that there was much going for their SLRs in the first place in uniqueness terms. If they make an EVIL without 4:3 that harks back to the unbeatable style of the original OM range then I’ll be well and truly sold. You hear me Olympus?!

  • Guest

    Personally I think it’s smart. A “vision of the future” like some other brands have, where a high-end camera is EXACTLY like a 35mm film-SLR from 1990, but with a sensor in lieu of the film, is completely idiotic. It may offer good image-quality but it shows a gigantic lack of vision about future developments and the new options that DIGITAL offers over film. Olympus is being innovative and it hurts in some places. A bit like the first iMac that had USB only, no other ports and no floppy. You probably whined about that too, in 1997, but look what it did for Apple.

    The thing I do not like is Olympus’s lack of upgrade-path for the time being. If you buy a PEN and a few lenses, and then decide you want/need an E5, NOTHING you own will fit it. That’s bad…

  • Anonymous

    they don’t have to make another dslr, my 620 is great and until it breaks, i still have a lot of use of out of it. when car makers stop making a particular car, that’s no reason to ditch the car, it’s just not on the line anymore. no big deal.

  • DM|ZE

    True, my 620 is running great as well but it will really make me think about buying anymore lens or other accessories for the Olympus line in the future. I went with Olympus over Canon for the features of the 620, now I feel like the company is not going to support that decision. I guess when I decide to by more equipment I will be looking at Canon again. This is sad to me, Olympus is cutting their own throat. I can say that I will not buy Olympus again if that is how they will treat their customers. I won’t jump out there to buy a new “car” but I will be looking at other makes.

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  • Pepe

    In the end, Olympus will abandone their SLR customers, exactly like they did with the OM system…

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  • SouthWestYankee

    In the mass market, the high end future is in MFT, not DSLR. The way the technology is now moving, the DSLR will be for the professional, if that. The old mirror slappers are on their death bed IMO.

  • Ironhorse

    Why don’t we call them LIVE cameras instead?

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  • Invaderjames

    Lens interchangeable viewfinder electronic (LIVE) sounds like something Yoda would say. There is a reason it is called EVIL.

  • Darth

    As of May 2011, apparently Olympus isnt giving up E-x and E-xx camera classes. Rather, micro fourthirds is replacing their E-xxx class. See article below. I hope Olympus pulls through with this.

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