Toss Your Battery Charger Cable with a Apple Duck Head Adapter

Some battery chargers (e.g. those that come with Canon’s pro and prosumer cameras) plug directly into the wall and have prongs that fold into the charger, while others (e.g. the Canon T2i charger) connect to the wall via a removable cable. Though this may be more space efficient when connecting to a socket or surge protector, the extra chord takes up space and can be a hassle. CheesyCam has a clever solution: use an Apple wall plug duck head adapter to transform the charger into a wall charger.

Here’s what it looks like in action:

When you need to carry it around, you can keep the adapter neatly in the battery slot (a rubber band can help keep it in place):

If you don’t already have a duck head adapter but would still like to do this, you can find them for $3 on eBay or $5 on Amazon.

(via CheesyCam)

  • Physics Dude

    Lol, I have been doing that for years…

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  • Amadeusz Jasak

    So did I :) Nothing new ;)

  • Anonymous

    Best idea ever !!! Thanks !!!

  • Dan Wolfgang

    Awesome tip! As you might expect, works fine for Nikon and Pentax chargers, too!

  • Anonymous

    Nothing new here. In fact, I went out and bought an Apple international power adaptor set just for this. Now I use those heads with all my chargers with figure 8 plug female sockets.

  • Defekt Exe

    Did some of noticed that some Apple cable, don’t have the 8 shape anymore? They changed it to a B so you can’t use it for anything else… ah… Apple thanks for making my life a missery.

  • Damon Hair

    absolutely the best thing i’ve found on here to date! a “slap yourself why didn’t i think of that moment”! thanks!