Migrant Workers Photographed as Superheroes

Superheroes is a project by photographer Dulce Pinzon in which she shoots Mexican migrant workers in New York City as well-known comic book characters while they’re on the job. In addition to creating the photographs, Pinzon documents the worker’s name, the hometown in Mexico, and the amount of money they send back to their families each week.

Pinzon writes,

After September 11, the notion of the “hero” began to rear its head in the public consciousness more and more frequently. The notion served a necessity in a time of national and global crisis to acknowledge those who showed extraordinary courage or determination in the face of danger, sometimes even sacrificing their lives in an attempt to save others. However, in the whirlwind of journalism surrounding these deservedly front-page disasters and emergencies, it is easy to take for granted the heroes who sacrifice immeasurable life and labor in their day to day lives for the good of others, but do so in a somewhat less spectacular setting.

The Mexican immigrant worker in New York is a perfect example of the hero who has gone unnoticed. It is common for a Mexican worker in New York to work extraordinary hours in extreme conditions for very low wages which are saved at great cost and sacrifice and sent to families and communities in Mexico who rely on them to survive.

To see the other photographs in this series, head on over to Pinzon’s website.

(via Wired)

Image credits: Photographs by Dulce Pinzon and used with permission

  • Kago

    Funny but very thoughtful

  • Paul Kuroda

    Thank you for making a great statement! I just updated my site with an immigration story I’ve done years back in Southern California. It’s clearly a rough and dangerous life style. I see a lot of courage with people I followed.

  • Elena B W

    Just a tiny correction: Dulce Pinzon is a SHE, not a HE. Great post!

  • Michael Zhang

    Ah, that’s pretty important. Thanks for the correction =)

  • Jpashain

    The issue is not “migrant workers.” It is ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS that are working in this country ILLEGALLY.

    The ILLEGAL immigrants are not, nor should they be portrayed as, heros!

  • Yin_and_yang19

    @jPASHAIN – Unless your a full blooded Native American Shut up. Your an immigrant to, just means your family got here early. Although your relatives could have raped and pillaged the natives so maybe your the one who should never be a hero.

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  • guest

    Unless you want to pay $20 for a head of lettuce, don’t complain about migrant workers. They work twice as hard as you for half the pay.

  • Rrr

    Correction, they work three times as hard as Jpashain

  • heroes my arse

    Yin_and_yang19, that was great. Very theatrical. Very emotionally charged. Yet somehow devoid of all rational thought. Are you in fact Chris Crocker?