Seamless One World Portrait by Jock McDonald

Jock McDonald is a San Francisco-based photographer that has travelled the world, photographing people of different ages and cultures. He recently teamed up with animator Paul Blain to transform his black-and-white portraits spanning decades into a single 17-minute long video. The twist is that the transitions between faces are seamless using morphing, resulting in what feels like a single, dynamic portrait of the world.

If you’d like to try and create a similar video with portraits you’ve taken, there are free programs that can help you do so.

(via Lens Culture)

  • YJawhar

    Some music would’ve been nice with the video, nevertheless the video is still breathtakingly amazing.

  • Wade Courtney

    Yes, music. And the transitions between faces takes entirely too long. Especially with no music.

  • CurrentCo

    I just sat here and watched the whole thing. I put on some nice calm music, and it was incredible.