Canon Unveils the 60D: HD Video Recording and a Swivel Screen

Turns out the leaked photos of the Canon 60D we posted a couple weeks ago were of the real thing. Canon just announced this camera this morning, and the rumored specs were spot on as well: an 18-megapixel camera with an articulating LCD screen and heavy emphasis on video recording. An in-camera video editing feature allows you to work on the 1080p H.264 footage you capture, while new “creative image filters” allow you to apply iPhone-esque effects to photographs as you capture them. For example, you can have your photos look like they were taken with a tilt-shift lens or toy camera. Expect the 60D to hit stores in September at a price of $1,100.

Here are a couple more photos of the camera:

Finally, here’s a product walkthrough of the camera put out by Canon Europe:

How do you think this camera stacks up against recent announcements, i.e. the D3100 by Nikon and the A33/A55 by Sony.

Update: Canon also released a bunch of new lenses and extenders. We’ve written about it here.

Update: Here are some things people aren’t liking about this camera: the body is plastic rather than magnesium alloy, it only accepts SD cards rather than CF, the AF is the same as on the 50D, and the sensor is the same as the 550D.

  • Andrew Ng

    Or rather, how do you think this will stack up against the upcoming Nikon D7000?

  • Stefan Heymanns

    For me, the 60D has been overshadowed by the announcement of the Canon 8-15mm fisheye… wow, I really want that lens. :)

  • Guest

    Why would you want a semi-pro camera with all these gimicks?

  • Enche Tjin

    It’s a dumb-down 7D, but i really disappointed that it lose the superior magnesium alloy body :(

  • tsy87

    its a super-rebel…. plastic body, no microfocus adjustment, older AF system… Canon really had to split hairs after releasing the 7D and t2i.

  • Chung Dha Lam

    Rather keep my 550D and wait for them to update to 600D or 5d mrk3

  • wearefamilyw

    How will this compare to the 7D? Other than the swivel LCD screen.

  • Michael Zhang
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  • Camera Guy

    For me, 60D Vs 7D was about price. I’m a professional photographer on a budget as most of us are. The final product is a good photo for my costumers and I don’t have a single customer who can tell the difference between a good photo shot on the 60D and a good photo shot on the 7D. So for me it was about saving an extra $600 dollars for now.

    When I have money falling out my backside I’ll jump to the Canon 5D Mark II or the next best thing at the time.

    I took that extra $600 dollars and invested it into a top grade Flash.

    As for the size, the body materials, and consumer extras, it’s not a big deal for me.
    It’s all about creating a great photo for my customers and protecting my bottom line. 
    You can sit around and pick apart features when you have the money to buy the best stuff. Until then, find the camera that works best for you, your needs, and your budget.
    Don’t get all hung up on things. A camera is simply a tool.

  • Camera Guy

    PS. I’ve know a guy who went out and dropped $4,000 on a 5D Mark II and some extras and his photos looked like CRAP against a Sony A200, because he didn’t know how to use it. The 10 MEGA Pixel Sony A200 beat his photos hands down in the hands of a good photographer.

    Just dropping tons of cash won’t make you a better photographer. You can still crash and burn in a Lamborghini.