Amazing Time Lapse of California and Arizona by Dan Eckert

Here’s a stunning time-lapse video by Dan Eckert shot in the California and Arizona deserts. Aside from the fact that seeing the night sky spin in time-lapse is usually pretty darn cool, Eckert employs some interesting techniques that we haven’t come across before.

For example, in one shot Eckert paced across the desert, aiming at a particular mountain in the horizon and snapping a single photograph every time he took a step. If you have a few minutes, this’ll definitely make for a relaxing and awe-inspiring break.

  • Levi Arnold

    wow is that cool!

  • Levi Arnold

    wow is that cool!

  • Levi Arnold

    wow is that cool!

  • Jesumjr

    Beautiful, amazing, wonderful way to show the beauty around us. Big, big thanks to Dan Eckert for these videos!!!

  • seegullmedia

    This is pretty awesome. I want to know how he really got that walking footage so smooth.

  • Foo-Ahd Ramses

    Yeah, how is he aligning them?

  • Barrylow1

    how many photos is he taking and how is it stiched?

  • ScarlettFeverr

    Awesome, though I would have loved it so much more without wincing from all the tonemapped photos in it.