Behind the Scenes of a Domino’s Pizza Photo Shoot

It’s pretty amazing how much work goes in to commercial food photography, even if it’s a delivery pizza. Domino’s Pizza has a short video showing the behind-the-scenes action during a pizza photo shoot, complete with food stylists, a pizza screwed to the table, and a hand model. But Domino’s new ad movement is all about ditching the food embellishments and promising “natural” photos from now on — photos of pizzas made by employees and untouched by food artists during the photo shoot. (Though we noticed they didn’t promise to go easy on post-processing!)

To promote their new photo style, the pizza chain is also running a photo contest for customers to submit photos of their own Domino’s pizza to be featured in upcoming ads. Winners get $500 — that could buy a lot of pizzas!

  • Smudger654

    And another nice copyright grab slips through un-checked…

  • S_ayyar


  • Adam

    I'm pretty ok with food stylists etc. When you're trying to sell your pizza via a photo there's no smell, no taste. You can't feel it in your hand or in your stomach. All that has to be communicated in two stationary dimensions, or in a two dimensional moving picture. Some guy shooting in auto with a point and shoot is not going to get an exciting image. He's going to get a snapshot. Eh. I'd be very suprised if any of those shots at the end (except perhaps the last one) weren't shot by a professional, and very carefully composed and lit.

  • Io

    Nice. But domino's pizza is not a pizza at all

  • Sidneybrns

    All this is a waste of time, people make something bigger then what it is. They are just trying to justify the monies spent. You can do this with much fewer people and people dont really care about the perfections, thats advertisement garbage, people just want to see a simple commercial and usually the ones that are close to being real, is the ones that people really like. I think all these people are just bull shitting if you ask me.shot a real commercial like the man said and keep it real, its cheaper and we believe it. Show people eating eat and slicing it wit 1the way we normally do it. Let dominos run a contest on a commercial and see how many great entries they will get and they will save money on advertisement.0

  • Happy Tinfoil Cat

    I took a class on shooting food. Nothing was edible. The steam rising from the food was cigarette smoke blown through fish-tank tubing, the pancake syrup was 10-40, soup had dish soap for bubbles, etc. All the food was a couple days old. One of the large banners I saw up close showed the tookpicks used to hold the french fries in place.

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  • Manu Sarin

    The Worst Service in Chandigarh is of Dominos Pizza. They know how to do Marketing But they Don’t Know how to Work in the Customer Service and Satisfaction Field.

    Manu Sarin

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  • LlanaGurl

    This video is private?  What do you have to hide?