Hoya Founder’s Grandson Calls Pentax Acquisition One Of Company “Failures”

According to  Hoya founder Shigeru Yamanaka’s grandson, Yutaka Yamanaka, Hoya’s acquisition of Pentax may not have been the best business move. The younger Yamanaka said the $1 billion acquisition in 2007 was made mostly to expand Hoya’s involvement in medical optics, but turned out to be “overpriced.” Yamanaka, a Hoya shareholder, went so far as to say it was one of Hoya’s business “failures” which led to financial turbulence over the last three years until Pentax turned profitable.

In spite of Yamanaka’s disapproval of the Pentax purchase, it’s rumored that other companies might be interested in buying up Hoya’s unwanted acquisition. Canon Rumors reports that Canon attempted to buy Pentax, perhaps in order to control more of the DSLR marketshare, in direct competition with Sony. Sony may also be interested in Pentax’s user base. But so far, no word on whether Hoya’s ready to hand off Pentax anytime soon.

(via Bloomberg)

  • Ji

    A failure is a sequel of multi-colored cameras offering zero innovation.

  • paul

    I think the important word here was “Rumour” . I don't think Pentax is for sale. They are doing well financially since Hoya partnered with them. This grandson is obviously out of the loop.
    And to the guy above….. Pentax has two of the best cameras on the market. It's obvious you are a Canon or Nikon fanboy. The K-x is considered the best entry level camera on the market right now and the K-7 is a one of a kind weather resistant camera. When they combine features from both and make a replacement later this year, it will blow any Canon or Nikon out of the water for the price! You obviously have not read the sales reports and the reviews on these cameras. The K-x is out selling everything lately including the 7D from Canon. I don't own a Pentax but if I had the money, I would. I am not a fanboy of any brand. Every brand has good cameras out right now. I hate it when people knock other brands when they obviously know nothing about what they are saying. Just because you own one brand, don't knock the others down. I hope Pentax continues to grow. They have some of the best lenses that you can buy right now! Primes!

  • Pentaxinaut

    Pentax needed money. They should have just sold the medical imaging. Hoya was so desperate for it that Pentax could have got a billion for it alone. That would have bought Pentax a little time to get it together.

    And as long as Pentax only agreed to a very short term no-compete arrangement — what could Hoya do, that Pentax couldn't re-do?

  • Mogbaba

    I hope either Canon or Sony buy Pentax. Back in 2006 I bought a K10d with the hope that my nest upgrade would be a Pentax FF. 3 years wait and K7! While a great camera but hopelessly the same cropped sensor as before. I though I would not upgrade but unfortunately my K10d was subject to an accident and not works properly anymore. I wish an FF to get the advantage of my investment in FF lenses but with the current leadership there is no hope for a new Pentax FF. I am stuck with K lenses and wish FF body and do not know what to do. Hopefully Canon or Sony as professional in this field will come with a new FF. Hope so!

  • Paul

    May I repeat again, Pentax is not for sale! If your lenses are from film cameras, they will probably glare anyways. You would need new FF lenses with better coatings.

  • Blue

    You are a highly mis-informed individual and haven shot with FA 31mm/1.8 Ltd, FA 43mm/1.9 Ltd, FA 77mm/1.8 Ltd, FA 50mm/1.4, FA* 24mm/2, FA 35mm/2 most of which have the Ghostless Coating developed for high res traffic cams lenses back in the 90s.  The work very very well on digital. 

  • Caddisnet

    BTW, I guess Pentax was for sale after all and Ricoh is going to endup with the photography and optical section and Hoya keep the medical stuff.