Gigantic Stop-Motion PEN Commercial

Olympus’ most recent E-PL1 commercial, PEN Giant, is stop-motion with a big picture — or big pictures, literally. A total of 355 prints were made on billboards and shot again, all produced with the Olympus PEN.

Olympus has a way with narrative in their commercials.

The first PEN Story came out last July, and was a little over three minutes long, but comprised of some 1,800 photos of 9,600 prints, out of a total of 60,000 photos originally taken for the project. Yeah, it gets kind of meta.

Both commercials give a creative nod to Takeuchi Taijin. Takeuchi’s stop-motion, “Wolf and Pig” might look a little familiar, if you’ve seen the original Olympus PEN Story.

  • Alex Newbury

    that is so cool. Wouldn't buy one, but cool nonetheless.

  • N.Musser

    My buddy told me about this so I was glad to see this here. Really cool stuff!

  • Noregt

    This idea goes back even further.
    See for example this: which is done by Paul de Nooijer, who started using this technique in the seventies.

  • seegullmedia

    That is amazing. Really cool video. I would never buy one, but the video is awesome.

  • Gray R.

    Agree totally. Love the concept, but I don't want to buy an Olympus P&S.

    Lots of work to do these though, I can really respect that.

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