Aluminum DSLR Attachment for Left-Handed Shooting

If you can’t shoot right-handed, or need to shoot left-handed for some reason (i.e. demonstrating something in a photo with your right hand), you can simply flip your camera over and use your pinky finger to press the shutter. Problem is, this ergonomically unfriendly grip is hard to do, and puts your camera at risk of slipping out of your hand. Instructables member bertus52x11, the same guy behind the PVC pipe camera support, has clever hack that solves this problem.

His solution is to attach a bent aluminum strip to the tripod mount that allows your thumb to grip the camera more firmly. So, if you break your arm like bertus52x11 did, this is a clever way to keep on shooting!

Take photographs with just your left hand (via Lifehacker)

  • Barbu

    Must be a pain in the… neck ;) to have the viewfinder at the bottom of the camera. If you can't manage to use it, you're confined to LiveView only.

  • Mark Grealish

    i.e. demonstrating something in a photo with your right hand

    What about the obvious reason that we may be left-handed?

  • Michael Zhang

    Hey Mark,

    Sorry for the apparent omission, but I was assuming most people wouldn't want to use their DSLR in this manner 100% of the time =)

  • Patrick Hepf

    He should definitely write a tutorial about how to bend aluminium with one hand.

  • Kaouthia

    I'm left handed, never had a problem using a finger on my right hand to trigger the shutter though. :)

  • DM|ZE

    I'm a lefty too, and I gotta say this looks super uncomfortable. I've always used my right hand and always will. I guess if you absolutely couldn't use your right hand (physical impairment or something) this would be okay but just to demonstrate something with your right hand???

  • Lonniec61

    I think the L bracket idea with a remote button attached to it might fit the bill