Organize Batteries Neatly in Ammo Boxes

If you find yourself carrying around loose batteries all the time, here’s an organization tip: store batteries in ammo boxes.

Michael Page discovered this clever “hack” recently, and posted the advice to DIYPhotography’s Flickr group:

The “big bore” rifle cartridge box is the perfect size for storing and carrying AA batteries, and “small rifle” is exactly right for AAA.

An easy way to keep track of which batteries are depleted and which are fully charged is to simply flip the empty ones upside-down in the box.

(via DIYPhotography)

Image credit: DSCF1005 by mikepageky and used with permission

  • pagani

    errrrrr… I dont have any rifle cartridge box laying around at my house/studio!!!

    maybe I am the odd one out!

  • Theresa E.

    I have a TON of pill bottles. They're great to use for batteries when you only need a few :)

  • icaci

    Now one only needs to find a gun that fires batteries :)

  • mikepageky

    I didn't have any lying around either. I was at Gander Mountain buying a kayak, and they had stacks of these things on sale. Once I told them what I was doing, the guys were nice enough to pull batteries out of some on-display tech to try them on for size for me. Even when not on sale, they are less that $5 each, the little one's less that $3.

  • erin allin

    Fabulous idea!! I've fought with Ziplocs and other stuff for years. @Thanks Mike! I love this idea of organization and had no idea where to go :)

  • Susan

    These aren't waterproof, but they sure are good for working with batteries with one hand –

  • kentsparkman

    When I get slide film developed, the slides are returned in a black plastic box. That box is perfect for holding 12 AA batteries. I do not carry around AAA so I do not know how many that will hold. Not at all waterproof, and they will wear out after a while, but when they do, just grab another one and use it.

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  • RoboStorm

    Very good idea with using ammo boxes for such a purpose, but I am curious wher did you get those in the first place? Are you a person that owns a gun?
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