Atomos Power Station Uses Camera Batteries and Offers Hot Swapping


Camera accessory maker Atomos has just announced Power Station, its new piece of equipment that turns your extra batteries into a clever power pack that’s capable of powering up to three devices while out in the field.


Looking akin to a matte black brick, this device, which sits between your camera and your tripod, is a rather literal power brick that you can use to power LED lights, external monitors, external recorders and even your DSLR itself. It has two DC power outputs and two USB ports.

The device utilizes two interchangeable Sony L-series batteries – included with the purchase – as its power source, but adapters for standard Canon LP–6 and Nikon EN-EL15 batteries are available as well. Independent 5-step battery level LEDs let you know how much charge you have left before needing to swap out your batteries.

When you do need to change the batteries, the device allows you to hot swap. This means you can swap out any individual battery without temporarily cutting off power to the connected devices.



The Power Station is available for preorder over on B&H for $295, with units set to ship out in November 2014.

(via SLR Lounge)