Polaroid Film Returns from the Dead

Time to dust off your old Polaroid cameras. The Impossible Project has just unveiled its new PX100 and PX600 instant films for Polaroid cameras, after a three year effort to save Polaroid photography from extinction. The $21 packs, available starting Thursday, will each provide 8 black and white images. Color film packs are also expected to be released sometime this summer.

PX100 film is for the SX-70 Polaroid camera from the 1970’s, while PX600 is for more recent cameras that take 600-series film. While the new film will not carry Polaroid branding, new Polaroid instant film cameras that use the film have been announced. The company plans to produce more than 1 million packs in the first year.

Do you love Polaroid enough to pick it up again for $2-3 a shot?

  • Jim Carter III

    “Do you love Polaroid enough to pick it up again for $2-3 a shot?”


  • Rodger Obley

    Dream come true. I picked up a polaroid 600 camera from a garage sale for $0.50 and I've been waiting to use it.

  • alexnewbury

    I missed out on polaroid the first time round, hell yeah I'm going to give it a shot (excuse the pun) now I get the chance.

  • Rich Demanowski

    Any chance of resurrecting the 665 style reloads for the nifty little pola-back on my Hassy? :)

  • Agustín Amenabar

    Very expensive! What is the advantage? better quality? do they still fade after a few years? you might as well be carying one of those tiny printers with your cell phone.

  • ryansiemers

    After people have been given free license to shoot until their hearts are content, I'm interested to see if it has a broad market appeal. This may start to have an influence on how people THINK before they shoot, if they actually have a limited number of shots, which couldn't be a bad thing.

  • david_99

    Polaroid wasn't dumping their instant film products for no reason. It was a dead cow and no one thought it was a good idea to spend $1 or more on a single photo that had very poor quality. Digital cameras and even more so cell phones with cameras killed instant film.

    The moment Polaroid announced the close down of production a small but very vocal group people started to go crazy about Polaroid, bought film like crazy, bought cameras and felt like they need to shoot Polaroid just one more time before it dies. The terminal nature of this event is what made Polaroid 'hip' again. Now that film is available again (for a very high price) this momentum will soon be gone and it will remain a niche market at best. Worst case it will drive the new company out of business again. There is no way they are going to get a sustained business out of a hand full of starving artist who shoot Polaroid because it is cool.

    Once film becomes available normally again the whole mystical, unique momentum of 'the last pack of film' is gone.

  • Justin


    Probably not. Polaroid scrapped/sold almost every single piece of the peel-apart equipment. All that the TIP crew was able to save of it was a single 8*10 sheet machine from the Waltham MA plant. The rest was cut up and sold, or landfilled. There is a crew (the same folks at the 20*24 Project) that's trying to produce an equivalent of the type 55 bw film though.

    Polaroid dumped film & camera production because the “businessmen” that have been in charge for a long time are the kind of MBA geniuses who put more value in a logo that they can slap anywhere than they do in actual products or services…the equivalent of trading pieces of mortgage debt. See the terrible DVD players, TVs, and digital cameras that carry the Polaroid name. They had a chance to position themselves as a leader in digital photography (and the talented engineers to do it—there was a time when companies from Japan were seeking advice and know-how from Dr Land and his people), but they blew it.

  • stereoke

    $3 a shot plus exorbitant shipping costs. no.

  • ottok

    No on my part as well. The price point for this is just too high IMO.

  • Pete

    My current obsession is $4-a-shot large format Fuji instant film, so I don't see the price as being too far out of line – at least not for the dedicated instant film shooter. I don't think this was ever going to be about mass market appeal in the first place, so it's of little concern to me whether the price will dissuade the majority of snapshooters out there. I'm just glad that the community of Polaroid geniuses out there will still be able to produce their masterpieces.

  • Anders

    I gave my old 600-series Polaroid camera to my girlfriend about a year ago, and managed to get my hands on a handful of really expensive original Polaroid-brand film packs at a Swedish web shop, that still actually carried a few of those.

    She is absolutely in love with her camera, and she'll love these news!

  • Srinivas

    I have bought an old polaroid camera last year. I am glad to note that I am going to get film packs for it. It is really heartning to note that the films will be available shortly all over the world.

  • deltaflux

    It's not something I'd do every day but I'd be tempted to try it for specific projects. I definitely think there's market for this.

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  • Melissa Meek-Shields

    I'm not excited as a photographer but stoked as a crafter. I've done some amazing photo-transfer crafts that only work with Polaroid film, was sad I had to stop doing it.

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  • joshGFU

    I grew up around Polaroid instant film my whole life, and was genuinely bummed to see it go out like it did. and people like “david_99″ really get to me cause they think it's just a “hipster revolution” that brought this back. i've always taken into consideration each shot i've taken with my Polaroids, and with the right light/camera/person you can take some really great shots. some of my favorite pictures i've taken are with a Sun 600, a Polaroid camera meant for specific use in the summer/spring months. people who think this is some silly fad that a bunch of hipsters are stuck on can kiss every inch of my ass. this is an institution that shouldn't just be allowed to “die off”

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  • GW


    Fuji makes film that works in the Hassy backs.

    Its their peel a part film.

  • tina

    Polaroids are awesome and I'm happy they're back…but I just can't bare the cost of $3 per photo! Do you think the prices will fall? Are there any cheaper alternatives to Polaroid cameras? Any other companies make instant films?

  • Megan

    Where is the film going to be available for purchase?

  • William Littman
  • Jacktodacracker

    A tiny printer is very expensive and so is the film and ink you have to buy for it.

  • Cookie
  • luvbach1

    I’ve got some that are very old and have not faded. Keep them away from sunlight and the won’t fade.