Camera Sensor Tech Makes Quantum Leap

InVisage, a California-based start up company, has announced a new image sensor technology that it claims is up to four times more sensitive than traditional sensor technologies.

Their product, QuantumFilm, is a layer of semiconductor material added on top of the traditional silicon that uses quantum dots to gather light.

According to InVisage CEO Jess Lee, quantum dots have a 90% efficiency in gathering light, compared to the 50% of traditional silicon.

What this means is that we can expect cell phone cameras to improve at a much faster pace than what we’ve been seeing, since improving the performance of traditional silicon has proved difficult. Lee predicts that in two years, mobile phones will contain cameras that are superior than current digital cameras in both megapixels and light sensitivity.

If this turns out to be true, we will likely see a dramatic decrease in the number of point-and-shoot cameras sold, as more and more consumers rely solely on their camera phones.

(via CNET)

In other news, Wired is reporting that this technology will lead to wedding photography from phone cameras. Really?

Image credit: Photograph by InVisage

  • Jamie Wallace

    Already saw this coming and why not. Money should be pumped into projects like this. Its the future to own 1 device and be able to do everything from it. Someone wake me up when we have a star trek communicator style badge that does everything.

  • Shawn Parker

    Though this is a good start they'll still be limited by optics, right? A 1 or 2 element lens or that size simply cannot compete with a “real” lens, can it?

  • allanwhite

    Optics will always make a difference. You can't just scale the whole thing down and get the same results, optically. For instance, depth-of-field will be nearly infinite with super-small sensors and lenses.

    Weddings won't be shot (for money, anyway) with phone cams. Better sensors alone don't make better photographs.

    Also, digicams will increase in quality also, perhaps at faster rates.

  • Brien

    Very cool to hear about new tech developments, but I wouldn't think that it will be this tech alone that will eliminate or replace stand-alone point and shooters. There will still be a feature/function place for those devices and in opposition there will be a continuous trend toward the phone being all-in-one device that will replace some folks use of point-n-shoots even without Quantum dots… Cool though!

  • Dave K

    Regarding the statement “mobile phones will contain cameras that are superior than current digital cameras”, one word “diffraction”, and two more “pipe dream.”

  • AKS

    Will it go the way of the Foveon?

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  • Maverick

    If camera phones became superior to DSLRs it would be a sad day of myspace style closeup photography of lots of teenage girl’s pores.  Let’s keep the camera phone megapixels and lens quality low please.