Vinyl Records at 1000x Magnification

Ever wonder what a vinyl record looks like under an electron microscope? Okay, probably not. Luckily, there’s people who do, including Chris Supranowitz, who created a number of electron microscope images for a course at the University of Rochester.

Here’s a photograph of the record grooves captured by Supranowitz at 500x magnification. Those dark chunks you see are dust particles.

This one was shot at 1000x magnification. The record begins to look like the Grand Canyon.

These images were created in the Spring of 2005 for the course Opt 307/407: Practical Electron Microscopy and Advanced Topics. Other projects used the electron microscope to examine such things as snowflakes and bird feathers.

To see more of the amazing images captured by Supranowitz, check out the final project page.

(via Reckon)

  • waveydavey001

    Looks like “Walking on the Moon” to me

  • Shiva

    Absolutely amazing

  • Omnibusologist

    Now, make your mind up. The heading says 1000 x Magnification. The text says 500 x Magnification. Which is right? We need to know.

  • Michael Zhang

    Right. It's more like the 2 images are “zooming into” 1000x. The first one is 500x.

  • Luc

    Wow! Amazing!!!! That's really interesting, it's nothing like I would have guessed actually. Looks… messier lol

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  • Name

    I'd like to see what a record with one of those scratches that makes the needle jump looks like

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