PMA 2010: Glasses for Photographers

These glasses might look like typical geeky photo dad gear or something your eccentric uncle might wear, but if your eyes have uneven prescriptions, they can come in handy while shooting. That is, unless you’re classy enough to have a monocle (or contacts).

California-based photo accessory company, Hoodman, showed off this pair of glasses for photographers at PMA earlier this week. The glasses can be set with corrective lenses from an optometrist, and each lens can be individually flipped up. Corrections for the shooting eye can be adjusted with the camera’s diopter, remaining unhindered by an extra layer of glass, while the tracking eye can still benefit from corrective lenses.

  • Mike

    Where was this product before I had LASIK?! ;)

  • OnSiteStudios

    I've actually asked my optician for frames that can do this – No can-do he always says – both flip or no flip.

    I guess I know what my next frames will be.

    Mike -Did you do both eyes at once? I'm so paranoid about something going wrong that I've avoided LASIX or any other surgical procedure. If I ever did do it, first right eye (non-camera eye) Then after one year, left eye.

  • James

    This looks very cool…

    I had LASIK. Did them both at once. I went from not even being able to find the chart on the wall to 20/35 vision.

    So I'm legal to drive, but I stare at computers all day, so I still wear glasses most of the time.

    LASIK is NOT for everyone. Read about the horror stories before you do it… not so you're scared away, but so you know what questions to drill your surgeon on. Unfortunately, they are heavily financially incented to do the surgery, even if you're not a great candidate, so you need to know what to ask.

  • Daniel

    I had to resort to contacts because of this… I guess a lot of us had to.

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  • lisette

    but isn't the point of a glass that you can see right again.. so if you don't wear glasses you can't see right.. so you will not know if the picture you want to take is perfect..

  • dickieb

    You might want to find a real optician to fabricate these for you. Before I retired I did a few of these every month. You can have your Rx duplicated in either single vision or bifocal.

  • James

    @lisette – you can adjust the diopters of the viewfinder to replicate the lens of your glasses.

  • JessicaLum

    Right — diopters can be adjusted depending on your prescription:
    (fun note: Nikon warns, “Be careful not to knock or poke your eye when performing this adjustment.”)

  • Neatrour LASIK

    You need to pass some series of test to determine the condition of your eyes to see if it is thick enough so that if LASIK was done, would there be enough space.