Prepare for Absurdly Large Memory Cards

SanDisk just released its 64GB Ultra SDXC (extended capacity) memory card, the largest capacity for the Secure Digital format. It has a read speed of up to 15MB/second, stores up to eight hours of high-definition video, and costs $350. The new card uses the SD 3.0 specification, which allows capacities up to 2TB (2000GB).

It just so happens that today the CompactFlash Association also announced the CF5.0 specification, which allows memory cards up to 144PB (petabytes), or 150,994,944GB. Oh boy.

Sadly, the new Compact Flash specification only affords transfer speeds up to 32MB/s, meaning a full 144PB card would take about 153 years to transfer.

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  • TylerIngram

    Sweet I can capture moments, that the 2nd generation of my family can later see!! ;)

    64GB at only 15mb/s not all that fast is it? Then again, what devices support SDXC or are SDHC devices compatible with the SDXC specs?

  • Shiva

    The performance doesn't make the size worthwhile and wont for a while.

  • Andrew Doran

    I paid $400 for my first 1gb CF card about 7 years ago, while technology gets cheaper, the price point for new technology hasn't changed much!

  • perrycollective

    Memory Cards of Unusual Size?

  • Nuno Guerreiro

    Basically all the new devices from panasonic, comes with the support of SDXC, or the new cameras from Canon…

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  • The_Box

    I see what you did there.